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Hi, this is JoJo Yeung. I am a happy-go-lucky Asian girl who loves drawing. My birthday is on July 23rd, and I am 20 yrs old right now.

Currently, I live in Oklahoma, U.S.A., and my major in Univeristy is nutrition.

Although I am not a very talented one, I love drawing as it always keeps me seeking inspirations in my routine life, keeps me thinking things in a new way, keeps me loving the world I live in, and keeps me appreciating every little things around me.

My drawings tend to be coloful, joyful, childish, and imaginative---these reflect my attitude to life. I hope people can enjoy my works and their life.

The name of my site, my blog, and my shop is "JoJo Loves Beauties" , which has some meaning in it--- "Let's explore the beauties of the world, and let our beauties to be explored by the world."

To be a freelance illustrator is my dream, and I wish someday I can have my own products selling in the market.

Please tell me if you like my works, or if you have a job for me. : D


Painting, Scrapbooking, Picture books, tribal art, design, colors, crafts, frabic, patterns, DIY, Vintage, Blogging, shopping,watching movies, eating breakfast... :D